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Before I go any further I’d like to mention that all the anabolic steroids mentioned in this article can be found below

Yes, this question is asked on not only this forum and website but on 1000s more… it’s asked in every gym, it’s asked to any guy who lifts weights and is on steroids!

”What are the Best steroids, man? Or where can I get the best steroids dude!!”

If you live anyway near a beach you probably hear this every day over and over and if you are like me it makes you want to grab the scrawny guy saying it by his throat and rip out his Adam’s apple! Unfortunately though, we can’t do that, what we can do however is educate people on…

What are the best steroids?

Well this is a hard question isn’t it? Why is it a hard question? Because let’s define “Best.” Do you want the best steroids for building muscle mass? The best steroids for keeping muscle and helping you BURN fat? Do you want to stay at the same weight class while building muscle, losing fat and getting stronger for a competition such as Olympic lifting, power lifting, or MMA fighting?

All of these things need to be asked before we can even begin to go on about what the best steroids are.

Of course there’s some that will always stand out.


For example, Testosterone. Testosterone is one of the best steroids out there, why? Because it can be used for bulking, cutting, it can be used to get lean mass, or you can use it with a high calorie diet to add as much mass as possible.

MMA fighters, Olympic lifters, bodybuilders, weight lifters, football players etc., hell, every sport going you can pretty much see a drastic improvement by having higher testosterone levels. The fact it is also used as the primary muscle builder in all cycles makes it top of the list.


A reason I love anavar so much is its ability to be used by both MEN and WOMEN. It has GREAT healing abilities and pain killing effects, a lot of people on arthritis or with an injury use this steroid. Another positive aspect is it only builds lean muscle mass and it has fat burning properties. It can be used on a lean bulking cycle or on a cutting cycle to lose weight.

You can pretty much stack it with ANY steroid out there with ease and it will give you the best results possible.

It’s an oral, which a lot of “needle users” are scared of. It’s also one of the safest, if not the safest anabolic steroid out there! When you put all these things together you can see why I really rate this anabolic steroid so high, mhmm?


Again, while not an anabolic steroid, Clen is also worth taking a look at. Clen offers GREAT fat burning results and I’ve done a full article on the advantages of Clen and how you can take it to get the best results possible.
How To Take Clen

The article above pretty much explains everything you need to know about Clen, along with the 1000s of other articles we’ve provided you with!


Finally there are plenty of other steroids that should be included in the Best steroids list. After all there’s Tren, the most powerful anabolic steroid known to man. I’ve seen guys add 30lbs of muscle and lose 20lbs of fat in 6-8 weeks using this. Not too shabby, no?

Deca Durabolin

Deca is also a great anabolic steroid for bulking and helping with injuries, again stacking this with testosterone is a must if you are male of course to avoid deca dick, however females tend to love this drug and have OUTSTANDING results!


Finally there are so many steroids I’ve not mentioned, dianabol, Equipoise, Anadrol (the most powerful ORAL steroid) then there are Insulin growth factor 1 and Human growth hormone. Nothing will burn fat and increase recovery as fast as human growth hormone will that’s for sure!

All of these things need to be taken in to consideration when you are talking about the “Best steroids” look at what the BEST Steroids are for you!

Until next time be sure to join our forum below! We can help you with any problems or issues you may have.

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