How To Cycle Trenbolone Acetate

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Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful androgen with potent anabolic activity. It works well to increase the body’s muscle mass and strength, typically giving a user quick results within a short period of time.

The drug’s anabolic effect is often compared with bulking agents like Dianabol or testosterone. However, it does have one significant difference – it doesn’t change over to estrogen. This aspect makes a Trenbolone acetate cycle so effective.

Even so, those using the animal drug should always use caution and be aware of potential side effects.

Starting a Trenbolone Acetate Cycle

Trenbolone is potent, and while it contributes to accelerate hard muscle gains, it is false to say that a user won’t have to worry about side effects associated with estrogen despite its potency.

While many bodybuilders claim the likelihood of water retention or gynecomastia is less, such effects are individual in nature. Users of any anabolic-androgenic steroid should educate themselves regarding potential estrogenic side effects.

Because of its potency, a Trenbolone acetate cycle can speed up fat burning processes. The end result is a tighter physique (and of course, coupled with an adequate diet). A Trenbolone acetate cycle can give bodybuilders the ripped body they look for prior to competitions.

Bodybuilders and athletes can benefit from a good Trenbolone acetate cycle, and rarely will they ever be disappointed by what they get. However, it’s always important to weigh benefits with risks.

While one of the most preferred forms of Trenbolone is Trenbolone-Acetate, athletes also often turn to Trenbolone-hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Parabolan) or the Trenbolone-enanthate concoctions. A Trenbolone acetate cycle can be used for cutting or bulking phases and cycles.

  • Trenbolone-Acetate – shorter ester or half-life
  • Trenbolone-Enanthate – longer ester or half-life (generally the most commonly used type)

Trenbolone was and still is only meant for use on animals, mainly cattle to increase feed efficiency. Of course, bodybuilders and athletes figure if it works on cattle, it will work on humans as well; a dangerous concept rife with risk factors.

Trenbolone acetate is found in a cattle implant pellet called Finaplex, which are converted to injectable solutions by underground labs.

Effects of a Trenbolone Acetate Cycle

Trenbolone, a strong 19-nor anabolic androgenic steroid, has powerful actions such as:

  • Rise of IGF-1
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Enhanced nutrient efficiency (Trenbolone is an animal drug designed to increase feed efficiency in cattle)
  • Believed to retain nitrogen in muscles, increasing exercise capacity and endurance
  • Enhances production of red blood cells
  • Enhanced anabolic-androgenic receptor binding capabilities and related effects

Trenbolone is 500 times more androgenic and anabolic than testosterone, according to bodybuilders, and some of the effects that you see are similar to other available anabolic steroids on the market except for one: nutrient efficiency – with the same effect that it has on cattle?

Human studies in this regard are lacking, and with good reason. Trenbolone is not meant for human consumption!

Muscle Building Benefits of Trenbolone Acetate

There are numerous benefits of Trenbolone, including every trait and benefit all performance Based on user feedback and comments left on bodybuilding websites, and when used in low doses, some notable Trenbolone acetate cycle benefits include:

  • Boost in muscle mass
  • Increased strength (not so much in recreational athletes)
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Faster post-exercise/activity recovery
  • Improved vascularity
  • Harder physique

Trenbolone is often used in bulking and cutting phases, which makes it extremely efficient for bodybuilders. The anabolic hormone is known for its fast development of lean tissue and in preserving lean muscle while losing fat.

Option – 50 mg

Just because the Trenbolone acetate cycle is basic doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. It is. It should also be used with caution.

The basic cycle will include testosterone, although it’s best that testosterone be added to all cycles of Trenbolone because it may act to suppress the natural production of testosterone to keep levels in check.

Keep in mind that exogenous testosterone injection may contribute to testicular atrophy.

With this Trenbolone acetate cycle, the dosing can be scheduled for 50 mg every other day. Keep in mind that you may experience side effects!

In the majority of instances, recommended duration use is two months (or eight weeks). Eight weeks is regarded as more tolerable.

During the off-season Trenbolone acetate cycle, bodybuilders often add different hormones to the concoction such as Dianabol, testosterone or Anadrol.

During the cutting phase, Trenbolone can be stacked with anabolics like Anavar and Winstrol as well as testosterone. Always remember that stacking can increase the risk of side effects and adverse reactions.

Trenbolone Acetate Cycle Option – 100 mg

Advanced users may prefer to use 100 mg of Trenbolone every other day. Just be aware that the higher the dose, the increased risk of side effects. Off-season, advanced users may combine 100 mg Trenbolone acetate cycle use with a combination of Dianabol/Trenbolone/Testosterone.

Advanced users may also supplement Tren with Deca-Durabolin and testosterone for 12 weeks. At 10 weeks, the user can include Trenbolone and discontinue the Deca-Durabolin by the 12th week, sticking to just testosterone and Trenbolone.

You’ll find a number of options on bodybuilding websites. Remember that these dosage recommendations and plans are not designed by medical experts and every individual may experience different effects.

During cutting or dieting phases, athletes often like to mix up the Trenbolone cycle with Equipose (another animal steroid not meant for human use). Testosterone and Winstrol are also recommended as fat burners.

If you can get some HGH, you’ll have created a cycle that is hard to surpass – but as always, proceed with caution.

Dangerous Effects of a Trenbolone Acetate Cycle

When it comes to bulking up, Trenbolone acetate is in a league all of its own. People who use this drug should use it sparingly. Don’t believe the hype that Trenbolone is mostly free of side effects: no water-retention, no gynecomastia, etc.

Trenbolone does have some nasty side effects – minor to major in nature, including increased risk of cardiovascular and liver damage. Other side effects include:

  • Severe acne
  • Hair loss
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Increased risk for enlarged prostate

Steroids for your Trenbolone acetate cycle can only be found in underground labs (which are illegal) and as a veterinary steroid is not meant for human consumption!

Otherwise, there are legal, safe alternatives that you can buy online without risking the adverse effects of Tren Ace.

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