Peptides – Hormonal support of the athlete-bodybuilder

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 More and more bodybuilders in the recent years look for the ways to build muscles and increase their performance with the help of various chemicals, including hormones. Our friends have prepared rather interesting material on this topic (below).

We all know the fact that hormones play a key regulatory role in the process of stimulating the growth of the muscle mass and increase of endurance of the body as a whole.

The main hormone in the training process is testosterone – the main male sex hormone, whose level in the blood during exercises exceeds the concentration of any other androgenic compounds.

And this is not surprising, because testosterone besides regulatory functions of the reproductive functions, is also involved in the biosynthesis of protein and metabolic processes, as the hormonal anabolic! As a result of anabolic properties of testosterone muscles increase, tissue regeneration accelerates, metabolism improves and the rate of fat burning increases. Testosterone is responsible for 70% for the growth of the muscle fibers during the training!

Testosterone is produced by the cells of the testes (testicles) and is a regulatory hormone. However, you will instantly feel the reduction of its concentration in the body by only 3%! Fatigue, lethargy of vital manifestations, insomnia, headaches, lack of sexual desire, even temporary impotence. And what is important in the training process – the reduction of endurance, lack of positive dynamics in the growth of the muscle mass and metabolic disorders.

In order to achieve better results with intensive trainings, sometimes people are advised to intake hormones (androstenedione, testosterone propionate, etc.) or the drugs of a stimulating nature (“Tribulus” etc.). At any forum for bodybuilding you will find a lot of these drugs and their analogs.

But there are serious concerns about their use! The fact is that in case of intake of hormones from the outside, the body stops its natural synthesis and the organ responsible for its production gradually atrophies. And it is necessary to intake large dosages, since only 7% of the drug is more or less absorbed, and the rest is split and removed as a ballast.

In addition, there is a huge list of contraindications, warnings and side effects. The drugs stimulating from the outside force your organs to sweat their guts out, accelerating synthesis, squeezing spare capacity which leads to exhaustion of the body. Imagine that a cell was forced to work twice intensive with the same conditions that were before, and with the same level of nutrition. Spare capacities are quickly exhausted and the cells begin to die in the ternary progression.

The new approach. News from the pharmaceutical market. Peptide bioregulators

The newest technologies of obtaining peptide bioregulators from the basic amino acids by means of biochemical synthesis became the basis for the formation of fundamentally new methods of medical treatment of various diseases, which helps to restore the functional state of the internal organs.

What are peptides?

Peptides – these are very short proteins and they consist of amino acid residues joined by peptide (amide) bond and have only 2-4 chains.

At the same time peptides are completely tissue-specific – the cells of each organ have corresponding peptides of only certain amino acids and related by specific sequence, which are suitable only for the cells of this organ. The cell is “smart” and does not accept unnecessary peptide.

Peptides – these are natural regulators of the process of protein synthesis, they are also the “information” messengers, transferring the information from one cell to another. Once in the body, protein foods decay into long amino acids, and these in their turn decay into short – peptides that are no longer exposed to the acid environment of the body and are absorbed into the blood. Via the bloodstream they get to the “destination” place – to the cells with specific properties, and then work as a mechanical arm. Peptides, penetrating through the cell membrane, are embedded into the DNA and run the update mechanism, division mechanism, control gene expression and synthesis of specific proteins – all the main functions of the cell. Indeed, we are what we eat!

Scientists have learned to synthesize peptides with the desired properties and specific sequence of amino acids connections. On this basis the drugs for the recovery of various organs and tissues were made.

How can peptide drugs help athletes – bodybuilders?

Peptide drug testagen will help the athletes and men who lead an active lifestyle. This peptide complex based on the tetrapeptide restores normal functionality of the cells of the testes, responsible both for the regeneration of the sperm and for maintaining adequate levels of the hormone testosterone in the body.

Testagen allows to raise the level of the hormone testosterone in a safe natural way. Testagen helps to maintain optimal levels of testosterone during maximal physical exercises and stressful situations, when the whole body literally begins to boil.

Moreover, the regulation of the level of free testosterone, androgenous features and indirect involvement of testosterone in stimulating the secretion of growth hormone occurs naturally and in the way peculiar to your body!

Thus, athletes can safely and without harm to health maintain optimal hormonal levels in the body needed to achieve the best results.

It is worth mentioning about the positive effects on male reproductive function. It restores spermatogenesis and increases sperm quality and quantity, facilitates the recovery of erectile function and has positive effect on potency.

Which is important, peptide complexes are the only drugs used in the course. The positive effect persists up to a year which is proved clinically.

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