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The correct Trenbolone acetate dosage can help you get incredible results from this mass-building steroid. Trenbolone acetate is one of the most powerful anabolics available.

This steroid is officially classified as a veterinary grade anabolic androgenic steroid but have become more popular among body builders. This steroid have been around since 1960 and today is noted for its ability to produce lean mass and strength gain that is required by body builders for competition.

Using recommended doses of Trenbolone acetate in your cycle will allow you to avoid serious side effects while bulking up quickly.

Using Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone is available as Trenbolone acetate which is branded as Fina and Finajet. It is also available as Trenbolone enanthate or cyclohexylmethylcarbon and is branded as Parabolan.

Trenbolone is basically a derivative of Nandrolone and is different in strength and chemical properties.

However, Trenbolone and Nandrolone both belong to the same category of anabolic steroid known as 19-Nor compounds. These compounds, unlike many steroids lack the 19th carbon on their structure.

With this characteristic, many believe that Trenbolone produces progestagenic effect. However, the long use of Trenbolone in veterinary does not confirm this.

In addition, it does not cause water retention, gynecomastia or the buildup of fat, which are all feature of progestin. This is one of the reason why this steroid is commonly used by body builders and athletes.

Furthermore, it is known fact that Trenbolone does not aromatize. This is the reason why Trenbolone does not retain water. This also implies that male users are free from gynecomastia.

The use of anti-estrogen is not necessary for users of Trenbolone, except on those who are really sensitive to gynecomastia.

Benefits of Trenbolone Acetate

This anabolic steroid is also a good cortisol antagonist. Therefore, it decreases the level of corticosteroid in the body.

This is one of the reasons why Trenbolone produces large mass gain with relatively smaller dose of the steroid compared to other anabolic steroid. This feature also contributes to the ability of the steroid to reduce water retention.

Despite that this compound does not aromatize it also suppresses the body’s natural production of testosterone. Consequently, this also leads to a fall in the production of estradiol, as the natural production is suppressed.

In addition, as Trenbolone does not aromatize (convert to estrogen), the level of estrogen is usually low in the users of Trenbolone. This activity produces some unfavorable effects such as low libido, joint pains and mood swings.

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Trenbolone Acetate Dosage

Trenbolone produces great gains and little side effects when used appropriately. For general purpose Trenbolone Acetate pills are used at a dose of 50 -100 mg per day. Though, some professional users may use as much as 150mg per day.

However, a dose of 35mg per day is recommended for individuals who show high sensitivity to Trenbolone specific side effects. However, majority of users stay within the range of 50 -75mg per day, as this gives great results especially when stacked with other anabolic steroids.

Many individuals who use up to 150 mg per day, do this to increase nervous system stimulation rather for strength and mass gain. Maximum gain in mass and strength is optimally produced at 100mg per day.

Usually another anabolic steroid is added to the Trenbolone usage when the dose is low and when an effective cycle is desired. Trenbolone produces good results when combined with different anabolic steroid.

Testosterone appears to be the best choice for this purpose. Other anabolic steroid such as Masteron or HGH also work well under this condition.

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Tren Acetate and Enanthate

Trenbolone is available as Acetate and Enanthate and is represented by the name Finajet and Parabolan respectively. The percentage of active steroid in Trenbolone acetate (Finajet) is 20% more than that present in (Parabolan).

This implies that the weekly dosing of Trenbolone which is 300 – 800 mg enanthate, will be a little higher than the weekly dosing of Trenbolone acetate. In addition, the half-life of Trenbolone acetate is about 4 -5 days and therefore requires that users take 2-4 injections a week.

The half-life of Trenbolone acetate is about 1 day and therefore, is injected daily for good results.

Risk of Side effects from Trenbolone Acetate

As with other drugs and steroids, Trenbolone acetate comes with some side effects. Effects are mild when this compound is used responsibly. But can be severe when used excessively.

Few users of Trenbolone have noticed the increased tendency of aggression and mood swings. Other side effects includes night sweat, reduced appetite, insomnia, elevated body temperature, reduced aerobic performance and increased blood pressure and heart rate.

However, these side effects are dose dependent. If you use a safe dosage of Trenbolone acetate, you can avoid many of these effects. And most of these effects are not manifested in every user and when they do, they are easily managed.

Another mild and short live effect noticed in some users is the “Tren cough”. This is an unpleasant and brief episode that occurs shortly after Trenbolone is taken. Usually it last for just a few minutes.

This reaction is attributed to the small oil of the preparation causes some irritation on entering the bloodstream. Usually, this oil does not enter through direct injection but by leakage into small blood vessel as injection of Trenbolone occurs. This episode is nothing to worry about as it is short lived.

Trenbolone acetate is recommended for individuals who intend to start off on the use of Trenbolone. This is because it rapidly clears the system. It is best used in short cycles.

Many people have found it effective as they use it to end weeks of longer cycles. The purpose of this is to rapidly clear the system and aid in rapid transition from optimal usage to recovery.

However, it is important that users stay within reasonable use of this anabolic steroid and that begins with taking the appropriate Trenbolone Acetate dosage per day.

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