What Is Trenbolone?

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Trenbolone belongs to the same family as deca-durabolin and has similar effects although they differ slightly in their structures and this makes the side effects’ intensity different.

It has a smaller rate of aromatization than deca-durabolin thus the better preferred of the two steroids. 

The less rate of aromatization means that you will not have to deal with water retention in your muscles. This means that any weight you will gain when using Trenbolone will be the one you want to have, with no water retention.

You will have good quality muscles because it does not aromatize as much and its c-11 bond makes it an androgen receptor. The fact that it is an androgen receptor means that it will also make you lose the fat you do not want to carry around. This is triple benefit for anyone who wants to gain muscle, lose fat and escape the water retention.

This Is How Trenbolone Works

Trenbolone is able to reduce the catabolic hormones in the body, leading to high quality muscle mass. It increases the levels of protein synthesis in the muscles and helps in mineral absorption.

This means that all the proteins you eat will be converted to muscle fibers. It has been used before to treat anemia due to its ability to increase the number of red blood cells in the body.

Still, everything that has a good side has to have a negative side. Since it is a progestin it can make Virilization and gynecomastia worse. While it may have a negligible rate of aromatization, too much of it will make the Virilization and gynecomastia effects worse.

Virilization symptoms in women include the deepening of the voice and the growth of the Adam’s apple, the development of a “male frame”, the growth of body and facial hair as well as the increase in size of the clitoris, which makes it look like a small penis.

As for gynecomastia, breasts will develop in males due to the presence of the female hormone estrogen. Other symptoms are acne, oily skin, hair loss and premature balding.

Trenbolone is an injectable steroid with a short half life. You need to inject it everyday to have some effects so it may not be attractive to those who cannot stand prickly needles. It is great for anyone who wants to bulk in the shortest time or reduce the fat in the shortest time as well. Inject a maximum of 100mg per day to get the best results.

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